Pools are cleaned using different service systems they vary from state to state. In Florida, the stabilizer is kept at a higher level because of the intense sun light, which has the effect of removing chlorine from the level very quickly.

South FL Is the Number 1 state for pools. There are over 40,00 pools and 800 pool companies. All commercial water parks must meet health department standards. They will be shut down if they do not.  Now days you can get a pool for Walmart just to relax in during summer months while teens prepare for sunfest. There are only a few type of swimming structure concrete the most popular pool. vinyl pools, painted pools. With Modern technology you can sit with your IPAd and adjust your repack heater with the Jandy control system. New neighborhoods are being built all tough out South FL. This is causing A migration of  indigenous spies the boa constrictor. Each year there is a hunt that is open the public. This is in attempt to slow the population growth be is not likely to work.

Pool Service